How to Set up Belkin Router?

Wireless routers have rapidly become a standard in households and businesses where more than two computers are there. A wireless router will give you with wireless internet entrance within a specified area.

Steps for Belkin Router Setup-

The following instruction will help you correctly configure your router and more highly, help you get wireless internet connectivity. You may not require any Belkin router support services for this since even a part-time would be capable of configuring the router with these steps, thinking it is not an easy task to do and figure on your own:

• The first step needs you to catch up your Belkin router by connecting the right ports with the required cables.

• Then click on Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser that you use.

• After that in the address bar of your web browser, type and click enter after that.

• Next, the screen will now show the menu of Belkin router. You now require choosing the connection type.

• Once you click, you will be asked or a password. Enter the password and in case you have not missed it yet, you want to leave the required field blank.

• Then you will be going to to the Wide Area Network (WAN) connection type. You now require choosing PPPOE and then click the next button.

• Lastly, The PPPOE screen will now come into view asking you for a username and password. Both of these details would have been giving to you by your internet service provider. Just fill in the fields with the information and go on to select the button; then apply changes. Your router has now been successfully set up.

If you can’t do it manually then you can contact Belkin Customer support phone number is efficient enough to solve the major virus whatever individuals are facing at present. The only thing users are wanted to do is to call another Belkin router customer support. After calling the toll-free number, technical problems would get solve instantly. They solve your problem one by one via phone in a proper way.

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