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Whether your Facebook Account is running slow or not operating at all, Customerhelp247 will help you. There is no reason to start with a new account when you can fix or upgrade your current account at the economic cost instead of starting with a new one. Contacting Facebook Customer Service is the adequate way to resolve all the issues for your specific Facebook Account.

We will lead you to the perfect solutions for all your queries & will also make sure that these issues don’t create any of the interruptions in the effective working of the same.

We take care of our customer’s needs & fulfill their technical requirements by resolving all the unwanted glitches as we provide you with the Facebook 24/7 customer service & that too throughout the day in a year.

Apart from building up the personal contacts, Facebook is also considered as the best medium to advertise or showcase the product or services & likewise, we will assist you with the detailed step-wise method which will help you to fix all the technical bugs or issues & which will surely be beneficial for you & your kind of business.

Customerhelp247 stand solely at the parameter of being the most reliable & efficient customer support team, which will help you to eradicate all the issues within the stipulated time.

Here is the list of the errors related to the Facebook account which is as follows:

• Account sign-in errors
• Hacking problem or some other security related issues
• Errors with email connected to the Account
• Security-related issues to your Facebook Account
• Facebook password errors
• Facebook video calling is creating an error
• Files & folders are not sending to the desired person
• Not capable to use FB Account
• Unable to promote the page to get the maximum number of likes & hits
• Issue occurring in creating an FB page

All the above-stated issues will be well resolved by our technical & experienced customer support team in the best possible manner.

We are 24/7 available for you; you can contact us anytime as per your convenience or requirement. Our professional experts will help you to solve out all the technical mishaps&which will ensure you the hassle-free working with your account.

So, to get rid of all the general or technical glitches; contact us at our Facebook Customer Service Phone Number as providing you with the utmost quality & valuable services is our main priority.

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Facebook Customer Support Phone Number
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35 Responses to Facebook Customer Service

  1. Chandan Mohapatra says:

    My Facebook ID Is not Login
  2. Kelli Mckenzie says:

    Yes I'm trying to get a hold of Facebook I have been trying to get log on to my Facebook account they have deleted my account it is my account it is me I need to get this fixed if Facebook could contact me and fixed my account I would appreciate it
  3. Sheila Denise Taylor says:

    I'm trying to get into my Facebook but can't someone changed my password when my cell phone was stolen will you help me getymy Facebook back
  4. Trent Ewing says:

    My Facebook app will not open up please call me
  5. Lisa says:

    Hi. I see a small yellow thumbs up sign with a 1 next to a message I sent. The thumbs up is not a seperate line like the person did it. It's to the right of the message I wrote. Did a person give the thumbs up sign or does this just happen?
  6. Dennis S. says:

    Wife not getting 6 digit code sent to her phone
  7. Marnita Cameron says:

    I have been lock out of my account and the code they sent me is not working I have had to make a second account only to be locked out again I just would like to talk to a real person to get back into my account
  8. Gkenda says:

    I'm not receiving the 6 digit code to update my account
  9. Carrie Odney says:

    While I was using my Facebook last night I got a message that my session timed out. Thats never happened. Then it logged me out. I can't access my Facebook account at all now. It will not let me change my password. I believe someone hacked my account. Please help!
  10. Veronica Carter says:

    Yes my name is Veronica Carter an i had three facebook accounts an i have tried to deactivate all of them but they are still showing on the site help me take them completely off i donnot want them anymore they are causing problems in my marriage
  11. Ashley glasspoole says:

    I am try to get ahold of Facebook I got 2 account both will not let me reset my password cuz it says I use to many codes to rest password it been 24 hour's.
  12. Ashley glasspoole says:

    I got two accounts both will not let me reset my password said I use to many code it says try later it been 24 hour's and I still can't reset password.
  13. Diane says:

    My facebook has been hacked. I cannot access my account. Can someone please help me restore it?
  14. Tonia Hollen says:

    I am locked out of my account, ? Why? I am not getting the 6 digit code.
  15. Chirag Jangid says:

    My Id is hacked
  16. Vishal shemar says:

    How to check who unknown person visit my facebook profile ...
  17. Eugenia Baize says:

    My account Facebook gmail as been hacked the person got control of all my accounts i can gave you my name and all but the person got control. Please help me
  18. Eugenia Baize says:

    I have been hacked all my accounts the person got control. Please help
  19. Wess says:

    Cant get onto my facebook it wont allow me to reset even after 24 hrs. It keeps saying ive emtered to many numbers and tjry keep sending me thr samr code
  20. brett whitney says:

    i have been trying to get into a secret group that i was in a few years ago. i am not blocked. i had a friend try and add me and it says that he can’t. he spoke to an admin and the admin said that i am not blocked.
  21. Stuart fowler says:

    I've just been given a 7 day ban for sending a pic to a friend plz have some compassion it's Xmas eve I'm sorry for posting it but compared to stuff you see daily on here it was nothing. Thankyou
  22. patricia rosales says:

    Hi I I tired sign in my fb but. Code not txt me what going on how can I sign in since I am seller need to get it back to my account
  23. Teresa Townley says:

    I am locked out of my Facebook account. It says it sent me a 6 digit code but never got it. So I can't reset my password. Can someone please help me get it fixed???
  24. Laurie Vandivier says:

    Got a new phone trying to get back onto Facebook and forgot my password. I tried to reset it but the 6 digit code that was sent to me is not working. Please help
  25. Amanda says:

    Is there a way to block all the ads and promotional pop ups?? Sick of trying to look at something and ads pop up.
  26. Kay Baker says:

    I have 2 Facebook accounts for some reason. I don’t know how. I would like to delete one of them but when I try it affects both accounts. I need help
  27. Consuelo Diggs says:

    I am locked out of my account
  28. Consuelo Diggs says:

    Locked out of my facebook account
  29. Bridgette Goff says:

    I'm locked out of my account I no longer have the same email or phone number how do I reset or change me passord.
  30. Robert Boyleston aka Bob says:

    I opened an account last night. I desperately need to permanently close the account. I sincerely need help with the issue.
  31. JEFF JONES says:

    Get new phone and can't get my old account on it
  32. A'lyce Hilton says:

    I have been hacked & I compromised my page with facebook....because someone got access to my info..i can't get into my old account by email or password...please respond back to me to restore my account...i do not have the phone number that's on the account...Thank you.
  33. Clifford Frachiseur says:

    When I try to type on Facebook the the first 2 letters are English, after the 2nd letter ALL letters after that are in a forgiven language. My language settings are on English. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it fixed. Please help me. It has become VERY VERY frustrating. I have even tried to delete my account, and restart it. That did not work.
  34. Eva B says:

    I know the feeling , I've been trying to get on Facebook everytime they send code it says invalid and when I try to put a new password it says unknown error .
  35. Wanita brown says:

    Hey I've got a question I have got three or four different accounts that I'd want to get rid of because I couldn't remember my password one was because my step daughter I redid my phone and didn't tell me and I can remember my Facebook password so now I've got a new one I want to get rid of the ones I have that I'm not using anymore except for the one I'm on right now how can I do this I can't remember any of the passwords for the old ones

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